Terms Of Service

We do our very best to determine the time needed for your move, based on the information that has been provided by you; and information that we have gathered from previous moves in the same nature. There are some factors that are not within our control. Such factors as weather, difficult moving conditions, customer not being prepared for the move, wrong information being provided to us, accessibility or lack thereof. An estimate is an estimate. It is not the determining factor as to what time, or how long your move will take; as every house and situation is different for every move. We ask that you do your best to prepare for your move, and we will do our best to serve your moving needs. We do offer some tips on our blog to help you to make sure that your move goes as seamless as possible and that you are fully prepared.

Please note that we charge a minimum of 1 hour for transport. If the travel time is longer then the transport time will increase.

Our minimum charge for a move is 3 hours + 1 hour for transport.

At RapidMover.ca we strive to offer the utmost transparency to our clients, in regards to our fees. This is why we list them, instead of springing augmented fees upon moving day. we are listing them here. Some items merritt additional fees which are difficult to transport and or require the utmost care. This is why there are some items that we don’t consider to be regular transport goods. In such a situation, there will be additional costs on certain items and or services.

Such items and or services are:

  • Hoisting: $100 per item.
  • Piano moving: $200 depending on size and weight of item.
  • Pool Tables: $200 depending on size and weight of item.
  • Extremely heavy items: depending on size and weight, Items weighing more than 300 lbs may be subject to additional handling charges.

(Speciality art pieces: It is important for the customer be fully transparent with the moving company upon obtaining a quote for such items, as if the item has a value of $1000 or more; addition insurance will be needed for the move and a waiver may need to be signed).

Items and or services included in your rate:

  • Wardrobe boxes for use.
  • Tape (1 pack of 6 rolls for free and any additional will be 2$ per extra tape roll).
  • Blankets for use during move.
  • 2 queen mattress covers included (additional mattress covers are $8 for queen and $10 for king).
  • Truck.
  • Movers.
  • Insurance on goods during transport (please see items that are covered).
  • Dismantling and assembly of furniture (some IKEA furniture is not covered as it may not allow to be dismantled without damaging the item).
  • Dollies.
  • Tools to assist the movers in dismantling furniture.
  • Straps, binds, and webs.

Items not included in insurance are:

  • Antiques.
  • IKEA furniture (must be taken completely apart. If not it will not be insured).
  • Fragile pieces that are affected by weather conditions (such as change in temperature. Glass and bottoms of lamps can crack when it is too cold).
  • Items inside boxes damaged due to improper packing for transport.
  • Items and or furniture that was already broken, damaged, or scratched prior to the move.

No claims can be made against the mover or the company, unless written notice of a claim is received within 5 days following the date of the move describing the nature of the loss during the move. This is subject to a $250 deductible. Any misleading information and or circumstantial evidence will release the mover from all liabilities of the claim.

At RapidMover.ca, we do our very best to be punctual. However, sometimes there are circumstances that our not within our control. Circumstances such as weather conditions, vehicle broken down, car accident, emergency situations, or situations by act of god. In these type of situations, we are not responsible for any delay in the move.

In event of a partial or total loss, the liability of the mover cannot exceed the total declared value given by the customer. If no value has been declared by the customer, then the mover’s liability is limited to $2 per kilogram.

Any abuse from our movers towards our customers will not be tolerated. We uphold the most professionalism at all times, as our customers are the future of our success. That being said, any abuse in any nature towards our movers will not be tolerated by us either. We all deserve to be treated with the same respect. We are all just people trying to live in harmony amongst one another.

In the subject of restricted liabilities, at all times and without limitation the mover is not liable for losses to:

  • Articles and items that are not packed by the mover or anyone affiliated with RapidMover.ca.
  • Mechanisms of pianos, clocks, computer devices, electronic devices, tvs, refrigerators and other appliances, irrespective of who handled those articles.
  • Foods, plants, perishable and non.
  • Gold, silver, precious stones, money.
  • Antiques and other items of extraordinary value in packages handled by mover.
  • Damages caused to high value paintings, and art.
  • Damages to lamps, lampshades, and other small scale production furniture.
  • Glass, mirrors, and other fragile items that can break easily.

Proper accessibility is required at all times. If the mover feels that his safety is in danger due to improper accessibility or neglect on the customer’s behalf, then the mover can refuse the move until the the situation is rectified or cancel the move all together. In this situation the customer would lose their deposit, and would not be refunded. An example, improper accessibility would be stairs with ice that are not properly shoveled by the customer or salt not applied. A dangerous staircase that could pose a threat to the mover if it was to break while the mover is carrying heavy furniture. It is very important that we look after our movers safety.

That being said, accessibility to the house is also imperative. The mover is not liable for:

  • Damages made by the mover in having to remove doors to pass objects through, or disassembling and reassembling furniture so that it will pass through. ( refrigerator doors, entrance doors etc).
  • Spaces like door frames and stair cages that are too narrow.

The customer is therefore responsible for the consequences of any damages.

Dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, toxic, or corrosive are not permitted to be transported. If in a situation, a customer is not forthcoming with such goods, then any or total losses due to customers neglect are not the responsibility of the mover nor will the mover or company be held responsible. That being said, if the mover gets injured or the moving company has damages to their property as a result of the customers neglect, then the customer can be held liable for such damages.

We have the right to hold back without limitation, on time any merchandise, especially if we feel that the customer is unable to pay for the services of the move. In such a situation, we may require the customer to pay in mid move prior to the move being complete. That being said, any monies owing for storage fees, or transportation fees may also be subject to holdback until all monies are paid in full.

Important notice for insurance: In order to have insurance covered on your items, it is essential that all items be wrapped. If the customer requests that we do not wrap some items in order to save them time on their move, then any damages to those items will not be covered on insurance. All furniture that can be taken apart (eg IKEA furniture) must be completely dismantled. If not, then it will not be covered on insurance. If you wish for some items not to be covered, it is important to write them on the contact so that it will not be insured.

This agreement is is covered by the laws of Ontario.